By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Cedestoni Salazar @Cedestoni_xoxo

World wide branding is important in business in this day and age, for Cedestoni Salazar her own individual brand has been globally growing since the day she was born in Okinawa, Japan. A brand ambassador, go go dancer, model and business woman are exact descriptions of Miss Salazar’s body of work. She is well traveled having lived in Macau, China which enabled her to visit and work in places like Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

“I was able to travel a lot when I moved to Macau,” Cedestoni explained. “I loved being able to travel and there is definitely more on my list, but now that I am back in California I have different priorities.”


Currently living in Los Angeles Cedestoni has residencies as a key go go dancer for various nightclubs since she was 19 years old a few years ago. Her experience within the nightclub circuit along with her keen ability as a strong networker have given her endless opportunities in dancing and management alike. While currently holding down residencies at Belasco in downtown LA, OHM in Hollywood and Infusion Lounge she will be expanding her leadership role with a club in the Costa Mesa area called Mansion here soon. Right now before the holidays kick into full gear leading into her naked sushi New Year’s Eve event at OHM night club she is currently in Hawaii for three weeks working a lounge called Supper Lounge.

Needless to say Cedestoni is in demand and has turned her passions for the industry into a well paying job.

“This industry is definitely something and there is never a day you can stop working. Everyone I have worked with in this industry has made an impact on my life somehow,” said Cedestoni. “Anyone who is successful knows that the grind never stops. I am such a simple woman outside of this industry.”


A natural athlete since her childhood where Cedestoni participated in track and field, softball, volleyball and basketball. Go go dancing has given her a chance to stay in shape while getting paid and having fun. She works with a personal trainer while back home in California and admits that if someone takes a look at her snapchat feed they will soon find out that she loves food.

“I eat pizza and wings every week, and I have ice cream late nights,” Cedestoni said with a laugh. “I really do though, I also have a personal trainer I see two to three times a week and will soon be starting back Monday through Friday.”

Having her wings and eating them too. Cedestoni Salazar is a prime example of finding her FLVR and making it work for her. Having done work with Kandy Shop Bikinis to Spearmint Rhino Miss Salazar finds ways to intermingle her own personal brand within big known brands, giving her more and more pay checks.


“I will also continue to work promotions for my beer and liquor companies,” Cedestoni said. ” Along with car shows, trade shows, go go dancing and various events throughout next year.”

Make sure to follow this unique multitalented beauty on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @Cedestoni_xoxo you never know where in the world she may be, but wherever she is she is winning with a great attitude.