By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Cassandra McClure @Cassandra_McClure

Being extremely versatile is no stretch or exaggeration when describing Cassandra McClure, she has her hand in so many facets of the world its hard to just label her one particular thing. Originally from the Pacific Northwest hailing from the small town of Port Orchard, WA her talents have taken her around the world for numerous projects and job opportunities doing what she loves most which includes modeling, styling, hair and make up and facilitating wardrobes for various shoots and situations.


“An Image Stylist is someone who can create and re image someone’s entire look and surroundings,” Cassandra explained. “Scent, skin, lighting.. I am a visionary that creates art.”

The list is long for Cassandra’s resumé, she has been involved in and behind the scenes for many projects big and small which give her large amounts of knowledge and value. From starring in a music video with Tyga to being the brand ambassador for Norma Bou6ique in the UAE she has been moving toward bigger roles of art directing while also coordinating events for shows like AMFED, RAW & Chance and Rumors of Seattle Fashion Week.

Being a student of the game and a natural beauty has given Cassandra McClure a true original position in the entertainment field that only continues to flourish and grow.


“The last year and a half I have done so many gigs where they hired me for my vision and expertise,” Cassandra said. “I make life happen. I just opened my new Image Styling Studio and training program in Queen Anne and it’s going well. It’s awesome to see yourself listed #1 on Google Business.”

Being back in Seattle after traveling the world on the PGA European Tour has given Cassandra more wheels in brand development and Image Styling. Lately she’s seen spending her time with Miss. Washington India and Miss. Black Washington 2015 and has been rumored to start hosting courses for the next generation of stars to help them meet new heights.

Miss McClure attended private schooling in Hollywood & London where she was trained under the legendary Donna Mee which led to work on television runway and weddings that span the globe. Last week she was published in Seattle Bride Magazine while also being featured in Seattle Met Bride & Groom. King 5 Evening Magazine voted her 2015’s Best of Western Washington for wedding make up while her Yelp reviews continue to pile up the positive feedback.


“I learned how to turn a negative into a positive,” Cassandra explained when talking about her career. “The opportunities can be endless in any situation and the difference is to connect the dots. Modeling has been a stepping stone into other avenues which helped me realize Image Styling and teaching my craft is what I really love.”

The latest and greatest project for Cassandra McClure is being a Semi-Finalist for the annual Ville Magazine Covergirl search 2016 where you can vote for her at every two hours until she will be seen live February 9th at Bellevue Square’s Tavern Hall. Her unique versatility is an example of creating endless opportunity for ones self, make sure to like follow and tweet @CasandraMclure , she’s known to be very interactive with all of her supporters and encourages lines of communication.

To see Cassandra’s elite work check out turning what you love to do into a solid career definitely gets The FLVR salute where she continues to raise the bar of excellence. Cassandra McClure makes it look easy since her passion speaks volumes while her passport stays heavily stamped.