By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Athena Anesti @onelovesthena

Growing up in Houston, Texas Athena Anesti has always been thankful for her opportunities in life, she has found ways to turn negatives into positives while also being able to give back to her people. As first generation American she knew all about hard work influenced by her family and today as a co owner of the Kings of the Clippers barbershop in Southwest H Town she loves working with kids and members of the community.



Athena has been into modeling for several years, she prefers a more toned down take on beauty while still being sexy and attractive at the same time. She is beautiful blend of Greek and Mexican with a smile that brightens up an entire room standing at 5 foot 1 and she admits modeling is more a hobby than anything preferring to keep her images more tasteful versus risqué. Miss Anesti has shot for the likes of Maxim Online, XXL, Houston Press and was named Hottest Girl of the Decade by the local rock station 94.5 The Buzz, her name is big in East Texas no arguments.

“I like to be a good role model when I do modeling stuff,” Athena said.