Thor Ragnarok wow is how I would put it I definitely enjoyed the ride which is what I would compare it to. It has its ups and downs with a few twists, turns, ups and downs that give a lot of excitement. As long as you aren’t looking for a deep story which you shouldn’t then its fun. Its great to have a super hero movie where they aren’t always trying to make a dark story aka the dark knight part 25 lol. All in all it’s a super hero movie that makes fun of itself at the absurdity of it all and I can’t help but love it because they shouldn’t. The movie will be one of the better of the Thor movies since the last one was trying its hardest to be dark and deep. I like all the colors, the retro music that goes along with it and the character development. This one is sure to leave a mark on Thor as well as the audience and who knew Jeff Goldblum would fits into the Marvel Universe. So if you have a chance and want to have some fun at the theatre give it a watch I think most will enjoy it as long as your not a over the top I need Love, Action, Story and Comedy in one movie. PS I know yall want to hear about the fight but I don’t want to ruin it for you but ill say it’s a cool fight but you’ll want more for sure.