By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Avatar Darko @avatardarko

It is crazy to think that Avatar Darko is a veteran at such a young age of 26, but he is just that, a veteran emcee with a crazy style. Since he was 10 years old he frequented rap battles and street corner sessions with ridiculous freestyles now his artistry is maturing while delivering a high quality product. His latest release EVOL is catching ears around the nation after just being released a half a week ago. The meaning behind it is even deeper than rap.

“Love is a battlefield and it’s almost like an oxymoron,” Avatar explained. “Telling someone you love them is like putting a gun to their head, we go to war for love.”


The new record EVOL is “love” spelled backwards. Inspired by a 1951 poem by the legendary scholar and writer the late Amiri Barcka, the Evol poem insists that love is an evil word. While Barcka’s tone throughout his career could be summed up as an incoherent mix of racism and semitism Avatar is bringing that same classic literature to life with his new 12 track project that all have banging beats with elite engineering.

Just last year the Soviet Goonion 3 mixtape was a big leap in his career as not only his American fan base grew, but also his Russian following. He did a mini tour in 2013 to various cities in the Soviet Union helping his international steeze bubble, now he remains as one of the only emcees from that part of the world especially one that spits gas. His new record is just another example of his growth experience and raw background that all tell stories of his struggles and creativity alike.

“I have a manifesto behind it, it’s not just to be cool,” said Avatar. “I took a little time off after my Soviet Goonion 3, but I have been living in the studio putting this new shit together. Next level across the board with the presentation and visuals and I don’t plan on letting up.”