by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | photos: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | concert photos: Victor Jones @genericvick | Eric Bellinger @ericbellinger

Music has been apart of Eric Bellinger’s life since he came out the womb as he is the grandson of the Jackson Five’s hit making song writer Bobby Day. After several years of being behind the scene, his music is now on the forefront with several singles taking off in a major way including the most recent “Focused On You” with 2 Chainz a current club banger which is derived from the Nas hit “Oochie Wally” from years past.


Q) What is the biggest difference from the music early in your career to the music now?

A) The music now is actually my story it is my life I am actually talking about things that I go through and the things that people around me go through. Before they were just songs, not songs are strategically placed one through sixteen now the songs are a representation of my brand and the legacy I am trying to leave behind.