By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Elite Society  @werelitesociety

Dom and DonDale (Dale pronounced like Wale) both are emcees from Chicago that equal out to be the group Elite Society that started in college at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne and have been working ever since. Back in 2012 their mixtape Coming Soon: The Eessence of Hip Hop took classic hip hop beats and put all original lyrics on them. People in the Chi and around the country took notice to the two rappers that deliver bars with amazing skill. Next they are putting out a new project It’s About Time with the first keynote single being “Mista Policeman” featuring Danielle EOG and Sadrak. When asked why the long period between releases the answer was complex, but made sense indeed.


“We believe in the concept of quality versus quantity, our music holds lots of substance metaphorically,” Dom explained. “You can equate an Elite Society song to a full course meal therefore we allow our listener to consume and digest every song for a period of time instead of shoving material down their throats.”


DonDale grew up in North Chicago while Dom grew up in the North West side suburbs and both have foreign backgrounds. Dom’s people are from Bamilekes in Cameroon while Dale’s are Yoruba in Nigeria all of which fall into the Hebrew family tree where music is a big part of their culture.


“The aim with this art piece is to bridge the culture gap between our people scattered on the four corners of earth,” Dom said. “It is time for a wake up call, historically we’ve been stripped from our inheritance and true nationality and now we are waking up.”


The new music plans to evoke deep thoughts of remembrance designed to help their people regain their proper indenty helping to cultivate themselves according to tradition. Just a few months a go the duo put out a track “Life of a Good Man” that was a deep song where the focus was speaking on life being precious and the struggles for many to balance street life with real life. The song spoke volumes about their overall message and many including music blogs took note and paid homage. The Chicago lifestyle touches every song they put out. Being one of the toughest inner cities in America, Elite Society not only aims to make good music, but also taking aim at making people think and be better.

“Life of a Goodman shows decisions you make will shape who you become,” DonDale said.


Make sure to check out this talented group that is pushing the envelope of hip hop norms and creating a whole new hip hop vibe on their soundcloud page and on Twitter and Instagram @werelitesociety as they continue to put out substantial music. Their motto is food for thought with these guys, and they stay hungry while still feeding the mind with amazing music.