By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: A.M. Early Morning @AMEarlyMorning

From the Westside of Chicago with love the artist A.M. Early Morning has a stellar hip hop vibe where bars are essential. He has the classic Chi town feel to it with a splash of an East Coast sound mixed in, but his style has many lanes while not one of his songs sounding alike. All original blended with sample driven high level production this emcee has been grinding out musically for several years now. When he started he was mainly freestyling in the early 2000’s which eventually led to his first mixtape in 2012 titled Late Night, Early Morning which gave him momentum and popularity in his hometown that he continues to build on.

“It was a bunch of weird beats with different styles taking it back to the 90s boom bap style mixed in with elements of today’s rap, but you could definilty hear the 90s style,” A.M. explained. “That was when I a started gaining response and doing local performances, that is when I made the hobby a career.”


Versatility is a big part of the catalogue, all of which led to 2015 and this year’s mission where releasing several singles has been A.M.’s game plan with the song “All Kinda Ways” which generated 186K listens on his soundcloud page which was a major momentum key gaining listens world wide. Another key track has been “Almost” having also just dropped a video for that two weeks ago you can see here.

“I was getting Chinese comments it was crazy people started messaging me on Facebook. I learned to engage with different audiences interacting with people online,” A.M. said. “With people over seas recognizing the music it has been big because Chicago is a competitive market so it helped people here take notice too.”

Currently his newest mixtape is Late Night Early Morning 2 which shows his maturing ability to stay diverse in his sound, the new twist has stayed true to the foundation and a skill A.M. has been known for since jump. Now, it just keeps getting better and the fans appreciate it as well. From commercial, trap, lyrical and hard core hip hop A.M. Early morning has capabilities up the ying yang all evident on his soundcloud page 

“I wanted people to recognize I can be diverse in my styles,” said A.M. “I can flip whatever style.”

Make sure to follow this talented emcee from the Chi on Instagram and Twitter @AMEarlyMorning his originality is non stop as his journey continues to heat up in his home town and world wide.