By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Jo Durt @JoDurt22

For 11 years strong now Jo Durt has been a regular in the studio building his craft as an emcee and plans to continue that tradition as 2016 persists. His latest project titled Storm the Castle, Kill the King came out last fall and Durt says that its one of his favorite joints so far with 18 tracks featuring high level production. He has a style that speaks to the streets and is blended with the new era rap sound along with the classic 90s emcees sound, it definitely speaks to various generations.


“Before I write I like to listen to Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt and Pac’s All Eyes On Me and even Nas’s Illmatic,” Jo Durt explained. “To me all of those are classics I try to keep them in mind they help me tell a good story.”

For Jo Durt music is the escape from every day trials and tribulations, studio sessions are like therapy to him and a hobby he plans taking to the next level soon. The latest record features many solid tracks, but two that really stand out include “Hood” and “My Level” both of which have a classic mob music style west coast classic vibe to them. His rap vibe can put a person in a mood to want to hit the car wash real quick and turn the bass up loud riding down the street. The music Jo Durt makes translates over to his live show just the same with high energy performances, during his career he has done many appearance in his hometown of Seattle and spots along the west coast as an opener and headliner for various shows.


“My live shows have a whole lot of energy, it’s not just me standing there rapping, even though I don’t dance either. I get my point across to the audinece,” Durt said. “I don’t want people looking at me like it’s a damn funeral.”

Following the success of last fall’s album Jo Durt is in the studio currently making an EP that is set to come out late this summer titled Not Your Average Jo with the lead single being “Lit” which will be available on iTunes and other online retailers. Check out his music catalogue on and also on Twitter and Instagram @JoDurt22.

Get familiar with Jo Durt, he’s defiantly not your average Jo.