By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | DJ VIP @djvip510 | Artist: Huey P @hueypmusic

As a new name in the hip hop scene Huey P has done a lot to help build his hype in the past several months, but this week when his freshman EP drops on December 10th things are about to explode for the young emcee with tons of talent. In collaboration with DJ VIP, a well known West Coast hip hop personality, who has spent time as Nipsey Hussle’s main DJ among various other projects the two have formulated the project titled Did You Get The Message which has already reached a high level of anticipation with music heads.


“Huey speaks his words well, they way he annunciates real well he says things with conviction,” DJ VIP explained. “The authenticity in his voice is serious he has a force to it. It really is something that can’t be taught.”

Huey P has been rapping for years, known for solid punchlines and crazy story telling abilities he has spent a lot of time performing as an opener and spending time in studios with the likes of Ty Dolla Sign, Wale and Cassidy to name a few. This particular release is big because Huey has earned the reputation of a can’t miss artists because of his natural ability. DJ Vip also noted, this young man has a talent that is way above average in today’s hip hop world which is a big part of how this artist and DJ started their journey together.


“We met while we were in LA we came out and vibed with us and we just clicked,” Huey P said. “Over time we kept in contact and once we had time to work we made it happen.”

The nine song EP has a message indeed: don’t sleep on Huey P. He is a story teller who plans on becoming an elite emcee based on hard work and persistence. This collaboration with DJ VIP is really just the start of a long career while quietly already getting a lot of respect from heavy hitters across America. Even though Huey started in the Seattle/Tacoma area his map expands everywhere.