By: Bryant B-Boy Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Chantel Brooks @C_Teezee | Photographer: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | Stylists: Zoe & Sweets @zoesweets

Variety is the spice of life, and variety is what Chantel Brooks is all about. Her look, her clothes, her hairstyles Miss Brooks loves to mix up her appearance and most definitely looks good doing it.

“My style is always changing, I never like to look the same,” Chantel explained. “Every look I do, I want to make sure that I pull it off.”

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At the age of 18 the Tacoma, WA native began dabbling with photoshoots practicing poses and using her variety of styles to grace the camera. Being a black woman her look is exotic and vibrant with amazing hair that gives her the ability to rock several looks. Chantel says she chooses her outfits based on her hair which helps her looks switch up whenever she chooses.

“Right now my hair is blonde so I wear a lot of loud styles and outfits,” said Chantel. “If I am wearing braids my fits are more streetwear, if I have finger waves I wear more tight clothes because thats a more classy hairstyle.”

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In just a short few years she has continued to work with various photographers in the pacific Northwest including a recent shoot with The FLVR’s own Carlos Imani in downtown Tacoma where she exploded her beauty in front of the lens.

“I really like shooting with Carlos he’s just different and he is very easy to work with and he makes you feel comfortable,” Chantel said. “My main thing is I need the photographer to show me a few photos so I can see how I am looking, and so I can know what I need to fix.”

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Chantel also holds a trait that makes her multi dimensional for women’s beauty in general in her love of doing make up. She is a full time esthetician working at Nordstrom doing eye lash extensions and make up artistry, she said she loves to make others look and feel good. Even at the recent shoot with The FLVR she spent time working with the other girls making sure the look they were going for was hot and camera ready. Miss Brooks is selfless and pretty all at the same time, her humbleness is rare indeed with the ability to captivate fashion without major labels.

“I wasn’t raised with name brand shit,” Chantel said. “I go off what I think is cute whatever catches my eyes I get it.”

Make sure to follow this young upcoming talent on Instagram and Snapchat @C_Teezee she is rising everyday with a rare combination of being fly, stylish and always willing to empower other woman around her. Chantel Brooks has The FLVR most anyone can appreciate.