by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Photos: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | Makeup: Mattie Marie @makeupbymattiemarie

Doing what you love to do has its perks, for Helen Gedlu her grind is her passion. After years of being a back up dancer for big name artists such as Chris Brown and Omarion her experiences in the entertainment industry have opened up even more doors for career today. Being of Ethiopian decent she has been a big inspiration to that community and beyond. Helen is not only beautiful and exotic, she also has a cross over appeal which as created new lanes for her as a model and within the fashion world where she manages her own online boutique called Vanity Allure. Make sure to follow her journey on Instagram @callherhelen and visit her online store for fly women’s clothing. Her FLVR speaks volumes and with her career continuing to grow all she will do is rise.

First tell us some vitals like where you grew up and how you got into dancing?

I grew up in Seattle. Loved dancing since I was a kid. Joined drill team at age 10 to the age of 15. Started cheerleading at age 14 and continued to cheer in high school. Formed a dance group with a group of friends & started doing talent competitions all over the Seattle area. At 19, I auditioned for Clear Talent Group Agency and made it! Soon after, I moved to la to pursue my professional dance career.

Q) What was favorite tour that you worked on?

A) I would have to say my favorite tour was The UCP II Tour with Chris Brown.

Q) What is the best advice you would give a young man or woman who wants to get into dancing professionally?

A) I would say study your craft, take classes, and be versatile.

Q) Tell us about your online boutique:

A) I started my Online Women’s Clothing Boutique because I love fashion! I wanted to give young women a clothing site where they can find the hottest new trends at great prices!

Q) What was your favorite music video you worked on?

A) My favorite music video I worked on was Ciara’s “Like A Boy”. All the girls were dressed in baggy clothing to “look like boys” & the whole video was dancing!

Q) Whats your favorite designer clothing?

A) I’m not bougie when it comes to clothing lol. I can find cute clothes in h&m, zara, and top shop but pair it with a designer shoe.

Q) What are some of your passions outside of modeling and dancing?

A) I’m passionate about anything I’m working on at the time whether it’s on a stage, in front of a camera, or behind the scenes at my website photoshoots making my vision come to light. I just love producing quality work!

Q) Rumor has it that you also dabble with music, when will the world hear you sing?

A) Possibly soon! Stay tuned to what Honey’s got going on!

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