By: Bryant B-Boy Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Ant Branch @FlagrantFew

In the third grade while attending the St. Therese catholic school Ant Branch, S Drane, and Yulogee would entertain students performing rap routines, spitting lyrics and overall entertaining. That foundation was the path Ant Branch has since followed while being artists is no act, it is who he is. While Ant loved the likes of Tupac, Spice 1, Jay-Z, Outkast and Biggie Smalls as a kid, he credits his family and living in Atlanta, GA for being a key inspiration for developing his art over the years. 


“My dad always been in my life very inspirational he always told me to follow my dream, “Ant explained. “My family goes hand in hand with creating music, they’ve always been there, while living in Atlanta for 7-8 years I also absorbed the culture of the southern style music.”

Recently a big track that stands out for Ant Branch is a collaboration with Bay Area rapper Berner called “Tasty” which was also the name of the EP that he dropped last winter. The song itself was produced by heavy hitter beat makers Traxamillion which also helped turn a lot of heads gaining many online views and getting blog love. Early in 2015 Ant Branch &

S Drane released the mixtape titled The Story Vol. 1  which helped build momentum for the rest of the year while the previous project where Ant’s group called The Flagrant Few released the album “The Break Up” which  was also a huge stepping stone.


“I have a lot of friends in the Bay Area so that is how I connected with Berner and he laid a verse,” Ant said. “When it was finished I played it for him when he was back in town and he liked it so he said go ahead and put it out.”

Consistency is major for Ant Branch who rarely rests when it comes to recording new material, then work ethic also keeps him on many stages across his hometown of Seattle racking up performance experience monthly. Mr Branch also credits fellow emcee and one of his great friends Hella Maze who has alway encouraged him to express his art and keep growing. He also spent several years in Atlanta which gave him another lane of influence while developing his current sound, but says he friend was a big key for skill set.

“He always guided me kind of like a manager protege type,” explained Ant Branch. “I appreciate him deeply for that.”

Make sure to follow Ant Branch’s group The Flagrant Few on Instagram and Twitter @FlagrantFew and also check out the bang camp link as he and the crew are steadily making the realigned raw hip hop real fans of the music can appreciate.