By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: DJ Bossa Nova @djbossanova

Taking a trip to the Winter Music Conference in Miami can be motivating for anyone who loves music, when Bossa Nova took that trip he knew exactly where to direct his passion. It was in music, DJing specifically something he has been building his career on ever since that one specific trip to South Beach.

“Right when I got back I bought myself some 1200’s and a Rayne 57,” Bossa Nova explained. “I knew this was something I really wanted to do.”

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Coming up in Arizona from humble beginnings Bossa Nova has always been a dreamer and hard worker. He moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue a career in screenwriting and acting, when the Southern California dream did not work out he returned back to the desert to start over. A feeling he doesn’t want to remember, but appreciated a great deal as a pivotal time in his now rising DJ career.

“LA is a different beast, its just hard,” Bossa Nova said. “I ended up having to move back to Arizona and got a job bussing tables at a Chinese restaurant.”

Growing up with a religious background has given Bossa Nova a very humble and open mind toward helping others. He has used that baseline as a pulse for his networking as a DJ helping him rise within the industry. Today he runs the Outside the Box radio program which is on Tunein Radio that broadcasts every Saturday at 7PM and is heard world wide, Bossa Nova says hopefully it will be available on I Heart Radio in the next few months. The show itself is about brining in DJs and showcasing his own mixes too. Bossa Nova explained that he digs through soundcloud pages researching different DJs from everywhere spending his time also reaching out to them to create relationships and projects, his style is very organic, personable and real. In turn he is making the people receptive from his approach while building a strong network world wide.


“What I have learned in this game is a lot of people won’t help you, I was brought up a jehovah’s witness and I grew up helping other people,” Bossa Nova said. “I try to bring DJ’s to come down to LA it is all about sharing a lot of people do not do that in this world.”

His time at the ICON Collective school in Burbank, California did what he said “changed his life” and made him better at his craft. A school taught by industry professinals in music production to school is about empowering musicians giving them more understanding about each individuals creative path. The school’s philophsy matched the Bossa Nova demeanor and really gave him the boost he needed to add to his building music talent which includes influences by the likes of classic party rockers A Track, Kraze and Q Bert. Bossa Nova was also given tutelage by DJ Swift and DJ Shoes N Da Dryer both of whom helped polish his skills along the way, pretty much since day one.


“I was lucky enough to meet DJ Swift from France and he taught me how to be a DJ, he wouldn’t even let me touch a computer the first six months. We went actual record shopping at Ameoba in LA,” Bossa Nova explained. “I am really glad I learned that way. DJ Shoes N Da Dryer also spent a lot of time with me and made sure I did things right, he made sure I had clear transitions and would turn my turn table off and make me restart if I didn’t.”

Make sure to check out this talented DJ who is doing things at a high level by following what he is passionate about and more importantly by building with people. The Bossa Nova brand overall is genuine and the style he represent of blending old school with new school in several genres making him a big part of the future of DJing. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @djbossanova while his very own website and Soundcloud has tons of his great mixes available.