By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Jasmin Cadavid @JasminCadavid
Being a beautiful girl is one thing, but being multi talented is another. Jasmin Cadavid is bringing all these elements together as her single Float dropped a few weeks ago leaving many surprised, except her.
She’s been heavy into music her entire life and now making it herself is not only rewarding, but it is showing she is more than just a pretty face. She went from being one of the main eye candies in music videos to actually putting together her own music video from the ground up with an all original track.
“I wrote the storyline for the video it took three days to shoot and files got lost so we had to re shoot all in one day,” Jasmin explained. “So then we had to do a whole new concept.”
The song Float was developed in her hometown of the 305 with well known Miami based producer Gorilla Tek. The song shows Miss Cadavid speaking with passion, touching on dating and emotions that any common young man or women can relate too if they have ever been in a situation where they felt like they had been taken for granted. The song itself is laid back, easy to listen to while also having a catchy R and B vibe to it, not to mention a radio quality sound.
“We have all dated people and had things happen behind our backs,” Jasmin explained. “I never said anything I just peeped game.”

Creating this particular track has opened new doors for Jasmin, she’s not concerned with people’s opinion of her as an artists since she enjoys expressing herself and being creative in general. She is already super popular on social media; being an internationally published model, a music video starlet, and an event host across America so she had a platform for promotion basically already built in. While people have been surprised to see her actually put out a single the response has been good and well received considering it is her first big musical release. She says that she sent it to a couple people and made a couple posts about it, but ended up getting more positive feedback then she even thought she would as many blogs picked it up as a feature, including this one.
Jasmin is showing that her FLVR is not just about being pretty, but being real too. As a role model for the upcoming generation of bad chics that like to stunt on social media she is laying down a new objective: it is okay to express yourself and still be creative.
“Looks will get you in the door, but your character is what will keep you around” Jasmin said.
She is in the process of making more music so make sure to follow her on IG and Twitter @JasminCadavid and peep her soundcloud Float (Explicit) by Jasmin Cadavid