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Activated charcoal is the latest fad taking over the beauty industry because of its super powerful purifying factors. Biore Self Heating One-Minute Mask (Walgreens, $6.29) is a natural charcoal heated mask that removes dirt and oil from your pores in just one minute. With a clean face, rub the smooth charcoal mask on a wet face and massage in for one minute; rinse thoroughly. As soon as the product touches your face the heating sensation will allow the purifying benefits of natural charcoal to attack excess dirt and oil in your pores. Leaving your pores noticeably cleaner and smaller, this lush heated mask will have you coming back for more. Intended use: 2-3 times a week. 

2015-04-20 - beautyBreakdown2

Here are some exclusive FLVR insiders on Biore Self Heating One-Minute Mask:

Cleanse face thoroughly before using product

Use on damp face

Dry hands before applying product to face

Massage for 2-3 minutes; no more than 5 minutes

Massage off with hands and warm water

2015-04-20 - beautyBreakdown

Awarded Alure Magazine’s 2014 Best of Beauty, Biore’s mask is sure to provide you a relaxing thermal facial experience while stripping away dirt from your pores. Learn more at