By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Photos: Henry | Artist: B Cole @bcole206 

Since he was a nine year old kid, B Cole has been rapping, which was also right around the time he knew rap was going to be more than just a hobby. Now as his musical journey is starting to heat up, his debut EP is set to drop in the next few months leading the charge with a feel good single called “Swerve” featuring Childsplay KIDD, a track with a catchy R and B style hook yet still hard enough to bump in traffic.


“I wanted it (Swerve) to be a club joint, something for the people to turn up with,” said B Cole. “It was really a record to feed the streets and give people a first good look of B Cole, I wanted it to be universal.”

The EP is titled Riches Define Hustle which will feature eight tracks with beats done by Downtown Music, Amp Onthetrack, Sean Murdz, and the Seattle hip hop OG Beezie 2000. The producer Amp Onthetrack had a huge hit single in September 2014 with nationally known artist Dizzy Wright and Nikkiya called “I Need Answers”, that particular song charted as high as #2 on Billboard. While shopping for beats B Cole randomly linked up with Amp on Twitter and the two have building ever since and could be a big game changer for the musical vibe B Cole is aiming for.


“He’s one of the dopest producers in the game,” explained B Cole. “I like his sound because his beats have a wide variety and they hit hard, he picks the right instruments his beats just move me.”

As a budding young artist B Cole born and raised in the Emerald City he has been recording at the Seattle studio Undercast a spot where he really enjoys working at because they spend time developing talent versus just recording and taking money from artist. He knows while he is coming with cold heat and creating a little buzz he can always keep growing, a sign of a young artist serious about his craft which gets the big FLVR salute.


Make sure to check out B Cole’s website and on Soundcloud to be on the look out for his latest projects which includes a big local show this Saturday Aug. 29th at The Jet in Lynnwood. It was all a dream, and B Cole plans on making those dreams reality by simply making quality music.