by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Feez the Germ

The art of producing hip hop and making beats has been growing in respect within the music scene the last few decades, in a lot of ways these days the beat makers are almost more popular than the emcees that spit.

Feez the Germ is not only a rapper, but an emcee that really respects the art of making beats. In collaboration with the blog Respect My Region, The Cool retail store and Feez himself the three parties created the event “Death By Stereo”. The event features not only artists performances, but with the centerpiece of the event being a one-on-one beat battle Tuesday August 4th at Seattle’s Nectar in Fremont. The producers that will be going head to head are Stewart Villan from Portland and Seattle’s Brainstorm with a cash purse of $500 on the line, needless to say its going up on a Tuesday.



“I fuck with Stewart heavy in real life,” Brainstorm explained. “But on Tuesday we are not friends. I still put him as my top five producers out of the north west though.”

Brainstorm has been doing beats since a teen and has done projects with the likes of Youngbuck, Saigon and Crooked I to name a few. Brain has also participated in many battles in the past saying out of over 30 or so battles he has only lost roughly about four of them. Stewart Villan has also been making noise as a producer with ventures that include working with artists like Danny Brown, Nipsey Hussle and Dave B.

This event will be full throttle with two highly respected producers that are both hungry and talented based on their resumes alone. Feez the Germ has been the creative mind behind this beat battle concept, while these type of events have been around for years making them more relevant in the Evergreen State is one of his personal goals. He hopes to keep running the Death By Stereo brand with aspirations of doing more beat battles down the line.


“I wanted to create something like this that can keep excelling and keep excelling,” Feez said. “I am a personal fan of beat battles I feel it is an essence we have been missing out here.”

For more info and tickets to this particular event please visit its $8 advance and $12 at the door, this event is packed with FLVR and is a can’t miss!