By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Gabriela Gonzalez @Gabrielas_Paradise

Down to earth, a family person, focused. These are just a few descriptions about Gabriela Gonzalez from Miami, Florida, and of course gorgeous. She is 100 percent Cuban and as a first generation American Miss Gonzalez has a lot of influence from her family that includes loyalty and hard work, making her the type of young lady a man would love to bring home to his mother.

“My family and I are very tight knit, my mom is my best friend” Gabriela explained. “My dad, sister, mom and grandma make it a point to get together as a family at least once a month. Its hard with all our busy schedules, but we always make time.”


In just two years of taking modeling seriously Gabriela has stayed very busy in several lanes that include photoshoots, music videos, club hosting while also bar tending at Set Nightclub in the South Beach area. She is also a member of the highly established and respected Dream Group which manages models and helps them with placements for modeling projects like videos and various other jobs. Being in front of a camera became one of her favorite activities ever since her first shoot with Too Low, a popular photographer down in Florida, after that her look exploded in notice and her booking started ramping up like crazy Outside of the grind Gabriela insists she likes to keep in chill in her free time saying that the nightlife industry is more of a job and grounds to network versus just partying to party.

“I am very simple I would rather go to the movies or the beach or even have a nice dinner,” explained Gabriela. “I like to have a plan A, B and C and I have always done really good in school.”


Currently finishing her physiology degree at Florida International University she is also studying toward working in the real estate field all while saving money to buy property of her own which is a big influence from her father. Gabriella says she loves to stay active, however doing the regular nine to five thing is not how she wants to spend her time. She wants to decide her own schedule and be her own boss, with her work ethic that looks imminent.

The family ties have helped her with a balanced work ethic where striving for success is not an option it is just a way of life. Make sure to follow this FLVR of the Week on Instagram @Gabrielas_Paradise as she continues to grow a tremendous brand for herself while also making being beautiful look easy.

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